Photo by Samuel Zeller
Photo by Samuel Zeller

Global Narrative is a brand that tells stories about artists who are creating culture around the world.

Our Purpose

Global Narrative is a platform where artists (broadly defined) share what they do and where they’re from.

I want to get you interested in creative, visionary work that falls outside of your everyday interactions. I want to inspire you to dream, create and travel by showcasing diverse voices globally. I want you to expand your view of what “is” and what could be possible.

I hope this site helps you find a new love, or discover something new in an older one.

About Alison

Shirt by Colombian brand, Básico Pero Nítido


I’m a writer and teacher from Toronto, with a professional background that includes journalism, translation, copywriting and non-profit community work.

I currently live in Colombia, with roots abroad and interests everywhere.

For the story on how Global Narrative came to be, check out the details in this blog post: How did This Happen?

For more "me" (the person/writer/teacher), you can read my public ramblings at alisonisaac.com.

So, do you know anyone...?

Do you know someone who is doing interesting work? Let me know-- even if that someone is you, I'd love to hear more.